Unveiling of the Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes AMG GTAfter a tantalizing glimpse in January 2022, enthusiasts have eagerly awaited the official unveiling of the new Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe. Despite a prolonged wait of 18 months, concrete details remained elusive until recent spy shots provided intriguing insights.

Recent sightings, captured with the aid of Spanish publication Motor.es, shed light on a significant development: the emergence of a plug-in hybrid prototype. Adorned with distinctive yellow stickers, a telltale sign of its electrified nature, the prototype showcases a charging port cap discreetly integrated into the rear bumper.

Performance and Design Details

Details gleaned from the spy shots paint a picture of a high-performance machine. Noteworthy features include 20-inch wheels wrapped in 295/35 ZR20 Pirelli tires, complemented by carbon-ceramic brakes sporting gold calipers. The iconic Panamericana grille, coupled with abundant air intakes, hints at formidable performance capabilities.

While specifics remain speculative, observations of the exhaust system suggest that this prototype may feature an electrified inline-six engine, potentially marking a departure from the rumored hybrid V8. Rumors suggest nomenclature such as “AMG GT 53 E Performance” for this variant, though nothing has been confirmed.


Inside, the new GT Coupe is set to offer a four-seat layout, akin to its SL roadster sibling. Drawing inspiration from the latest SL, the cabin promises a blend of luxury and sportiness. However, the rear seats, while present during testing, were laden with equipment, hinting at compromises in rear legroom.

The shift towards electrification is driven by stringent emissions regulations, necessitating hybrid powertrains to balance performance with environmental responsibility. Despite concerns about added weight, the incorporation of PHEV technology is seen as essential for the GT Coupe’s evolution.

Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the official debut of the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe. While speculation abounds regarding its unveiling, possibilities range from online reveals preceding major auto shows to dedicated events. With the automotive world eagerly watching, all eyes are on Mercedes-Benz as anticipation builds for the GT Coupe’s grand entrance onto the global stage.

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