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Metroid Other M is an action-adventure video game developed by Team Ninja and Nintendo SPD for the Wii console. It was released in 2010 as part of the Metroid series, featuring a blend of exploration, platforming, and shooting gameplay.

Metroid Other M takes place between the events of Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, following the iconic protagonist Samus Aran. The game focuses on her mission to investigate a distress signal from a derelict space station known as the Bottle Ship. Throughout the game, players unravel the mysteries of the station while battling dangerous creatures and uncovering Samus’s past.

The gameplay in Metroid Other M combines third-person exploration and platforming with intense combat. Players control Samus from a third-person perspective, navigating through different areas of the Bottle Ship and using her abilities to overcome obstacles. Samus can jump, run, and morph into a ball to traverse the environment, as well as engage in fast-paced battles with enemies using a variety of weapons and special abilities.


One unique aspect of Metroid Other M is its “concentration” mechanic. By holding the Wii Remote sideways, players can trigger a first-person perspective, allowing Samus to aim and fire missiles or perform precision shots at specific targets. This perspective switch adds depth to the gameplay and creates a blend of traditional Metroid exploration with more action-oriented sequences.

The game also delves into Samus’s backstory and provides insights into her character through cinematic cutscenes. The narrative explores her relationship with other characters, including Adam Malkovich, her former commanding officer.

Metroid Other M received mixed reviews from critics and players. While it was praised for its fast-paced action, engaging gameplay mechanics, and atmospheric environments, some criticism was directed towards its story execution, character portrayals, and controls. Nonetheless, it remains an entry in the Metroid series and offers a unique perspective on Samus Aran’s adventures.


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