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Viking Rise History

Viking Rise

Welcome to the world of Viking Rise, where you, as the leader of the Vikings, will embark on a journey to explore, plunder, and conquer the uncharted lands of Midgard. In this online multiplayer, real-time war strategy game, you’ll navigate the vast Nordic landscape, facing both hidden dangers and opportunities. Let’s dive into the key features that make Viking Rise an epic adventure:

Audiovisual Masterpiece

Immerse yourself in the stunning world of the Vikings, featuring magnificent oceans, towering mountains, and realistic seasonal changes. Delve into the stories of famous Norse heroes against the backdrop of the Nordic landscape, accompanied by an original soundtrack composed by the renowned Mikolaj Stroinski.

Global Multi-Player Battles

Challenge players worldwide to prove your leadership skills. Fight alongside allies to conquer both land and sea. Whether you choose strategy, diplomacy, or warfare, stake your claim on Midgard and build your Viking empire.

Viking Rise
Viking Rise

Design Your Territory

Expand and develop your territory to support your growing tribe. Conquer surrounding areas, grow your population, and recruit talents to build villages and cities under your rule. Personalize your territory with a variety of Viking-style structures.

Naval Combat

Lead your Vikings across unknown waters on your Drakkar Ship to conquer new lands. Utilize the sea to launch surprise attacks and plunder enemy resources. Combine navigational and naval combat skills to come up with unique strategies.

Real-Time Combat

Engage in real-time battles on a massive world map. Form alliances to crush enemy forces on both land and sea. Survey your battlefields, give real-time commands, and adjust your combat strategies to emerge victorious.

Fight Alongside Viking Heroes

Summon legendary Viking Heroes, such as Ragnar, Bjorn, Valkyrie, and more, to join you in battle. Build a Soul Altar, recruit heroes, and become a true Viking ruler.

Tame the Ancient Dragon

Hunt mythical beasts, explore ruins and caves, and discover hidden treasures with your heroes. Tame the mighty dragon to gain a powerful boost on the battlefield. Become one of Midgard’s greatest legends by making a name for yourself.

Embark on this epic adventure, where you will lead your Viking Tribe to rise in Midgard, accruing massive wealth, fame, and power. Form alliances, protect your allies, and defeat all enemies to become the ultimate Viking ruler!

In the eyes of most Vikings, Yvette is always smiling. Regardless of her plights, she moves forward without hesitation or retreat.

Top 5 Heroes Of Viking Rise

In the vast world of Viking Rise, where uncharted lands of Midgard await conquest, a band of legendary heroes emerges. Let’s delve into the tales of these formidable warriors.


Meet Yvette, a young Viking maiden whose journey is intertwined with the unwavering companionship of Hadewijch, an ageless arctic owl. Yvette, initially uncertain of herself, finds solace in Hadewijch’s support. As Yvette matures through divine servant’s ordination, her potential blossoms. When Yvette pours her heart into music, it not only heals wounds but also imbues the fighting Vikings with invincibility, a testament to the courage in her heart. The great servant of the gods is optimistic that Yvette will inherit her mantle, becoming a beacon of faith for the tribe.

Ragnar Dragon Slayer

Ragnar, the Dragon Slayer, stands out for his strategic brilliance. Unlike his predecessors, Ragnar meticulously planned his dragon-slaying endeavor. Observing the dragon’s strengths and weaknesses, he collaborated with a sorcerer to coat his clothing with asphalt and sand, rendering them resistant to destruction. Charging into the dragon’s lair, Ragnar skillfully inflicted wounds, ultimately piercing the dragon’s vital point. Ragnar, now renowned, continued his legendary journey across Midgard, leaving the world eager for more feats from this heroic dragon slayer.


Born into the extreme conditions of the Northernmost Border, Erik wielded the Axe of Wrath as a formidable member of the Raider Troop. His brutal acts made him the target of Viking vitriol, but destiny took an unexpected turn. The Raider Troop, including Erik, faced overwhelming odds against the Niflung army. Though defeated, Erik’s spirit remained unbroken. Consumed by hatred, he embarked on a relentless path of revenge, vowing that his axe would thirst for Niflungs’ blood. Erik’s journey unfolds as he seeks redemption and justice.


Cecia’s village celebration turned into a nightmare as raiders attacked. Among the chaos, Ivor found Cecia on the brink of death. To save her, a shaman used poison, leaving Cecia forever marked by its gnawing pain. Her recovery fueled a transformation – from despising brutality to becoming a relentless fighter. Under Ivor’s guidance, Cecia developed terrifying potential, haunted by nightmares. Joining Ivor’s troop, she charges into battle on the frontlines, destined to become a nightmare herself.


Hailing from the ancient Sterling family, Lindy’s gift from Jormungand allowed her to understand serpent language and manipulate its spirit. Elected as the Serpent Priestess, Lindy broke from tradition. Studying ancient texts, she developed a potent poisonous mist with immediate battlefield impact. Encouraged and determined, Lindy pushes her gift to its limits, showcasing the potential of the Sterling family’s unique abilities.

Embark on the Viking Rise adventure with these heroes, each contributing their unique strengths to shape the destiny of Midgard. As they face challenges, unveil secrets, and conquer new lands, the epic saga unfolds in the pursuit of glory, vengeance, and the rise of a Viking legend.

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