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ZombiU Gameplay


ZombiU is a first-person survival horror game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and released as an exclusive launch title for the Nintendo Wii U console in 2012. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic London, where a mysterious outbreak has turned the majority of the population into zombies.


In ZombiU, players assume the role of a survivor who must navigate the infected city and find a way to escape while uncovering the truth behind the outbreak. One of the unique features of the game is its emphasis on survival and resource management. Players need to scavenge for supplies, such as weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies, as well as manage their character’s health and inventory carefully.

The Wii U GamePad, the console’s primary controller, played a significant role in ZombiU’s gameplay. It served as a dual-screen device, where players used it to manage their inventory, access maps, and interact with the game world. The GamePad also provided an immersive way to scan the environment for hidden items and detect threats.

Another interesting aspect of ZombiU was its “one life” mechanic. When a player’s character dies, they respawn as a new survivor and must return to their previous character’s location to retrieve their inventory. If they fail to do so, their previous character turns into a zombie, and players must defeat them to retrieve their items. This added a sense of tension and consequence to the gameplay.

ZombiU received generally positive reviews for its atmospheric setting, survival mechanics, and unique use of the Wii U GamePad. It was praised for its challenging gameplay and the feeling of vulnerability it conveyed. While the game initially released as a Wii U exclusive, it later received a re-release for other platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows, under the title “Zombi.”

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